Q. Can I design/customize my own furniture?

A. Yes of course, we will do our best to have made whatever you require. Please note that all custom furniture can take up to 13 weeks for delivery.

Q. How often does new stock arrive?

A. We have a part load every 2-3 weeks, and a full container load approx every 5-6 weeks. Q. Is it all from Bali? A. Yes, all our items are from Bali and only Bali!

Q. Can you arrange freight if we find something in Bali whilst we are on holidays that we want to bring home?

A. Yes, contact us by phone or email and we will do the rest for you. We can arrange shipping from the outlet in Bali where you purchased the items and have it delivered to our outlet in Taren Point.

Q. Can I get a piece of furniture in a different stain?

A. Yes, but you have to remember it takes time, all special orders can take up to 13 weeks.

Q. Can I change the size or shape of a Gazebo?

A. Yes, We can customize a Gazebo to suit all your requirements.

Q. Do you do shopping tours in Bali?

A. Yes, we can organise many tours in Bali. Please phone or email us for further details.

Q. Do you know what is coming on the next container?

A. Yes, as we hand pick all our stock in person. We do not just order from a catalogue as some others do.

Q. Do you layby?

A. Yes we have a 4 week layby policy.

Q. Do you sell gift cards?

A. Yes, gift cards are available in whatever amount you would like.

Q. How do we put our Gazebo together?

A. Every Gazebo comes with a step by step easy to follow book of instructions. If you do require assistance we can arrange assembly for a fee.

Q. Do you sell cushions and mattresses for Daybeds?

A. Whatever size or style you need we can arrange it.

Q. What sort to timber is used in your furniture?

A. Most of our stock is Teak, however we do stock some Mahogany, coffee tree and bamboo.

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